Marketing That Builds Dental Health Valuable In A Sitting On Hands Economy

Dentists need to market no matter what the economy is like. In a downturn, dentists need to market better and more in some cases.

When the economy is booming, putting your name and dental practice phone number out there and saying blah, blah, blah often suffices. Downturns make more of us misers. To standout, family dentists, cosmetic dentists, and smile makeover experts, need to market their deepest value. 

Consumers will only spend what is they deem necessary. Holding off on stopping pain and removing their most pressing concerns (embarrassment, ill health, etc.), improving their job prospects (keeping or finding a new one) and family's health are at the top of that list. 

However, because most dentists are sitting on their hands even in a good economy most people don't get this in their head enough. Statistics say that 50% of people never or hardly ever go in for dental care and 40% of those people have good if not high incomes.

Start getting your message out there consistently and effectively. And do it NOW! The public needs your help.

Here is how...
Express Dental Marketing offers a powerful, quick and easy personalized solution.

Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing
Family Dentistry Marketing
Orthodontic Marketing

- other budget levels available.

Whether you focus on dental implants, sedation dentistry or Invisalign to straighten teeth, you need to start make your dental services more prominent in the consumer's mind.


What dental lab is your dentist using?

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