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The following dental marketing blog/article is formatted & written in a style that may challenge readers who are partial to concise and self contained concepts.

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The point I am making requires a discerning rethinking of communication in reference to dentistry. Unpacking the dental care prioritization riddle is NOT found in “Secret” Dental Marketing Reports!
And, why would anyone hide a solution from dentists, which would help improve dental health in their community?

Developing a system to compensate for the ‘reality of where consumers/patients and dentists’ are required deep research, analysis of actual results, long term perspective (years) and finally, a societally reflective reality check.

This was done to determine how all past/current marketing tactics and communication approaches influence dentists and consumers: positively and negatively.

Using the researched data developed, I created a system that does not, like too much of the dentistry focused marketing, ‘paint over’ what was/is and will be ‘wrong’ with the communication environment.
Unless ‘ALL the real issues’ are confronted and the system/solution is fully developed - not slapped together - the dearth of benefits from dental marketing will continue to lag (harming public, economic and office health) whether we are in tough economic times or not. (

Skimming the shiny objects from the marketing goodie tray is a symptom – but also a major contributor to the flat lining or worse of dentistry acceptance and value prioritization. While ‘good skimming’ will show results – it merely masks the problems underneath: value stays low or does little to move consumers forward.

Like flossing and brushing can only do so much if someone is more ‘predisposed’ to periodontal disease than the above average person, marketing done slapdash that moves one step ahead - will then move 99.5% back.

That said, to make this dentistry communication blog-article somewhat easier to consume I am going to present it in small portions--with a link to the full concept at the end of each section...

Let’s begin:

First, some...

Dental Word Association:

Skimp. Skimp. Skimp. Minimal. Minimal. Minimal. Cheaper. Cheaper. Cheaper.

Dentistry Priority Digression Questions:

Any other way to approach it? Can I hold off on...? I can't see paying that much!

Dentistry Reductionism Source Discovery:

Words & Questions Above: Who do these words and statements relate to:
  • = The Public and Patients Value Perspective of Dentistry
  • = Most Dentists View of/Approach to Marketing
HmmmNotice the similarity?
Whoa...! Correlation may just Equal Causation!
Theorem = Patients prioritize the value of dentistry as dentists do the value of communicating the priority to patients.


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