Powerfully Personalized Dental Postcards Marketing

There are many ways for dentists to market their dental services. Direct mail like postcards and other mailers, have a huge advantage over other forms of communication. It is much more likely to be seen, reviewed, and touched by your target audience!

Express Dental takes direct mail to an ADVANCED level with...

• Powerfully Personalized
• Targeted Concepts
• Turnkey Implementation
• Fast Turnaround
• Consistent Simplicity
• Expertise Underneath

Powerfully Personalized

Personalization is what sets us apart from almost every other dental direct mailer. Utilizing variable digital printing each recipient of your mailings will see their name prominently displayed throughout the piece and “within” the design. Combined with Express Dental’s creative concepts and deep dental marketing expertise, this powerful form of one-to-one communication will significantly enhance the influence dynamic.

Rather than making the consumer feel like you are just looking for some anonymous consumer, this advanced style of marketing greets each recipient personally. While your competition continues to put forward a cold, impersonal mass marketing impression, take your dental marketing to the next level!

The Results Speak For Themselves!

-- As much as a...

• 44% Response Improvement by adding recipient’s name to the printed page (not current occupant)*
• 135% Response Improvement by adding full color to a printed piece*
• 500% Response Improvement by adding recipient’s name, color, and customizing content to interests of recipient*

*Variable Digital Printing Industry Results provided by Xerox

Click to see Personalized Postcard Presentation/Diagram.

NOTE: Express Dental personalized postcard direct mail fees include all printing and mailing costs including postage. Other direct mailers often add fees after you are drawn in by their stripped down priced promotions.

Express Dental fees include all these items:

• Complete Personalization
• Full Color BOTH Sides...
-- Some printing promotions offering only full color front, and ONLY black ink on back
• 110-LB High Quality Paper
• Digital Addressing
• All Postal Paper Work
• Zip Code and Carrier Route Sorting
• Delivery to the Post Office
• Targeted Mailing list...
-- The right lead list can improve your response 60% to 70%.

REVIEW: Variable Printing Dental Marketing White Paper

Get Personal with Your Desired Audience Now

Targeted Concepts

There are many places online where you can get “dental postcards” –– from cheapo and flimsy to very dull and uninspiring. Express Dental raises the bar on creativity with superior consumer relevance.

Consumers, whether currently seeing a dentist or needing to see a dentist, want to know things have changed since they first visited the sterile and often fear laden dental office of their childhood. They want for themselves and/or their children something better, refreshing, and focused on all their dental health needs. They want dental visits to be comfortable and convenient. They want cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic solutions when they want them. They want to go to a dentist that “gets it” when it comes to what they expect, need, and want!

Most importantly, Express Dental understands many consumers are putting off visits to the dentist for entrenched reasons. Denial of need, procrastination and low value perceptions are significant dental health compliance obstacles, but the consumer will not begin to overcome them without a message targeted to dispel their out-dated impressions. Whether they have a toothache or are aching for a straighter, whiter smile, Express Dental offers a steady hand with advanced creativity.

Remember a high value, targeted consumer lead list can improve your dental mailing response by 60% to 70%. Trust Express Dental to develop your list to fit your desired audience, which is already included in our pricing.

Take your dental marketing to a much higher level of consumer relevancy with pinpoint accuracy.

Target New Revenues Now

Turnkey Implementation

Plain and simple: You provide the campaign and financial parameters along with your practice information and photos/images. Express Dental Marketing does the rest.

Saving time and management headaches are major objectives when running a dental practice, whether as a sole proprietor or a multi-doctor, multi-location group. Express Dental Marketing has created a system that turns new patient acquisition into five easy steps.

  • Fill out order form
  • Provide your information
  • Make payment
  • Approve the final product
  • Answer many NEW PATIENT calls!

Turn the Key Now for More Patients

Fast Turnaround

I need more patients fast! The dentist or orthodontist with this request has located the ultimate source for their dilemma. Express Dental Marketing can put patients in your practice within as little as three weeks!

Choose targeted, creative, and effective advanced dental marketing, direct mail designs in minutes. Express Dental compiles your information and prints in a matter of days. Within a few weeks you are seeing new patients and racking up more revenues.

Turn Up The Volume on Revenues Fast

Consistent Simplicity

Consistency is as close as you can get to a marketing sure thing. Consumers have a lot of decisions. Families, adults, teenagers, young and old, men and women all prioritize. Making dentistry a higher priority in their lives requires a consistent presence.

Express Dental direct mail is like the Yellow Pages with a personal valet that provides effective reminders about what can be done to improve dental health and smile appearance. This personalized, proactive, high quality, “how about now” approach is the simplest way to reach the harried, waiting-for-a-better solution dental consumer.

Simplify Consistent Marketing Revenues

Expertise Underneath

There are postcard printers with dental “themed” cards. There are direct mailers with a few dental “designs”. There are marketers with some generic “tooth brushing” and “apple a day” images. In contrast, Express Dental Marketing has a deep foundation in dental consumer communication strategies.

What will family dentists, cosmetic dentists, and orthodontist specialists get from this substantial foundation of dental marketing expertise? These dental practitioners will get complete-effect marketing products that target:

  • Their most desired patient group. Plus...
  • The fence sitting (waiting till my dental health gets very bad) consumer
  • Is there a dentist that understands my fears consumer
  • The “Show me the value” dental skeptic
  • The “Wow me with something cool” consumer
  • The mom, dad, parents who want the best for their families

Dental marketing consultant Dick Chwalek of Niche Dental and provides the expertise for the Express Dental personalized direct mail concept. Dick also provides custom writing when requested by Express Dental clients/dentists.

For Marketing with Dental Expertise Built-in


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