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Dental direct mail still provides an essential benefit all other marketing just can't achieve: in your hands, in front of your face and into your mind impact.

Imagine any other dental marketing that guarantees your message will be seen and consumed by at least one head of the household every time it is delivered. Snail mail might be slow and old fashioned, but it DELIVERS!

Will it get you 60, 30, 20 or 15 new patients per month? It is really hard to tell.

But how many dental patients does it need to produce? Only two or three per thousand postcards mailed to make it pay for itself.

These are regular patients who stay with the practice for two plus years - patients who will spend about $2000 over that time period. Spend less than a thousand dollars and make five or 6 thousand dollars - basically 6 to 8 times your investment.

And if you target the consumers who best fit your brand (style of practice and service strategy) and develop the creative and possibly an offer to effectively engage them, dentists like you will boost your REVENUE quotient another level. Maybe 15 to 20 times your investment!

Okay, this still might not make you a believer. Plus you might be running pretty tight in your office when it comes to having the funds to get started.

The solution: Oli's company offers flexible, scalable and affordable startup plans to make it easy for you to get your dental office postcard advertising campaign underway.

Let him know I told you about Express Dental Marketing and he will waive his setup fee and I will also throw in a free tracking phone number to help improve your overall marketing strategy.

Or you can apply the setup fee towards development of a custom postcard design instead of waiving the fee. Just let Oli know you found out from me and he will contact me to get things moving.

Otherwise, choose from many designs available and add your logo, photo and back of card content/offer.
NOTE: Setup fee might not cover all the design costs.

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Marketing comes in various forms. Mail marketing is one of the strategies used by dentists and other industries. It's a low cost strategy that attracts clients to try a certain service.

Another interesting strategy is dental web site marketing. Through dental website marketing, patient's can find the nearest clinic in their location without much effort.

Since this is the information age, most companies mix traditional marketing strategies with online techniques. That way, there would be faster return of investment (ROI). Thanks for the information!

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