Dental Newsletters For Enhanced Public, Patient Marketing

Introducing Patient + Proactive
Dental Practice Newsletters from NDC

Get current and new patients to visit your website. If you are not assertively getting in front of consumers and patients - you will be wrestling over the same, limited number online.

Patient + Proactive Newsletters are Flexible, Customizable, Scalable and Affordable. It is an advanced way to market your dental office: and CREATE NEW PATIENTS and IMPROVE CASE ACCEPTANCE.

Communicate effectively and proactively with a direct mail campaign that makes total sense and you many more dollars. Improve Dentistry Case Acceptance, Enhance Retention, Increase Dental Care Referrals and Boost New Patient Numbers!

Effectively augment your Dental Practice Marketing with the NDC Patient + Proactive Newsletters Campaign.

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  • Smiling Patients
  • More Patients
  • Healthier Patients
  • Loyalty Enhanced Patients
Flexible Dental Marketing
There are TWO campaign types each with FOUR mailings. Choose a quarterly campaign or every four months. Each newsletter mailing will have different stories, which you provide, we provide, or we write for you.

Customizable Dentistry Designs
To keep costs down, we start with a basic but professional format. Colors and a front photo can be chosen and we add your dental logo and information as part of the basic campaign.

The basic format is 8.5x11 size - bi-fold and full color printing. Upgrade as you see fit. View Sample - from dentist client.

You write the content or we can. Basic content can also be provided if preferred.

Scalable Dental Office Advertising
Start at any level - grow as you need to. Add new patient household addresses to your list every newsletter mailing.

Even send to new movers and other high value prospective dental consumers. These mailings are at same per piece cost as your base count. Just add them to your overall list count.

Affordable Dentist Promotional MaterialsThe NDC dentist office newsletter program is set up to make it possible for more dentists to do the proactive marketing they need to do to improve case acceptance, increase referrals and bring in new patients.

Providing your own content helps reduce the fee, but writing is provided at a reasonable cost: less if paid up front or within the monthly fee if preferred.

Direct Mail Campaigns Starting Under $300 Per Month.
Phone: 1+888.380.0020

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