Dental Marketing In Tough Times

Ever tried to haul water up hill in your arms? Dental marketing in this economy can seem a lot like water slipping through your fingers, slopping over your arms and then running down your legs. However, it does not need to fill up your shoes and cause that squeaky sound as you walk down the hallway.

Communication is the only thing that will change where you are at. People are still buying stuff. They still have money. Many are just waiting for the right time. Dentists just need to be always in conversation with the consumer. Otherwise, opportunities will be missed and dental health will suffer.

By not communicating (marketing) in a consistent and proactive manner, dentists will not only miss out on revenues from current and new patients, they will also encourage a decline in oral health. Delay and denial will always keep us from perfection.

Dentists cannot sit on their hands or panic during this dramatic shift in our economy. When consumers are stunned by the bright headlights of a down economy, dentists must market and advertise to avoid causing a unhealthy slide in the value consumers place on dental care.

Using direct mail postcards to market your dental office is still one of the most effective ways to get the attention of consumers. Postcards and other mailers have a very high chance of being seen by at least one head of the household.

Orthodontists also should be out there making noise and not holding back. Parents still want the best for their children. Many adults are also looking for something to smile about as well. Whether it is Invisalign or traditional braces, orthodontia postcard mailers will get noticed if they are sent to the right consumer.

Yes, the consumer might "just throw it away" but what other type of marketing can you say they will every time you send it to them. Newspaper, the yellow pages, Google ads, emails, tv/television ads, radio commercials, they all have their place - but none get in the hands and in the faces of at least one head of household each time they are used.

The tactile, visual and experiential of dental postcards (if appropriately targeted, designed and delivered) is without any direct competition.

Two or three new patients each month can change the dynamic. Why are you waiting? Get started with your dental direct mail campaign now.

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Don't wait till your shoes start squeaking. It is much more difficult to make strides in your marketing once that starts to occur.

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